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New Books by Mary's Clients

LOTS of new titles have recently come out, or will be coming out throughout 2021 (and beyond). 

In late 2020, the third book in the Small Walt series by Elizabeth Verdick came out: SMALL WALT SPOTS DOT (Wiseman S & S). Walt is adorable, kind and helpful - even when that is more than a bit challenging for a small snowplow. Also late in the year, Rachel Tawil Kenyon's radiant YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE was published (Philomel), and in late 2021 we'll see her first board book, ALPHABET LOVE (WorthyKids).

Dawn Young has a hilarious holiday and event-based series also with WorthyKids. Two in the series are 2021 titles: THE NIGHT BAAFORE EASTER and THE NIGHT BAAFORE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, featuring a boy struggling to get to sleep the night before a big happening, only to have the sheep he's counting add to his problems. 

Ariel Bernstein's WE LOVE FISHING (Wiseman S & S) is about three friends who love to fish and one who - well, does not. 

Maggie Rudd debuts with two picture book titles this year: SOMETIMES IT'S HARD TO BE NICE (it really is, isn't it?) (Albert Whitman) and I'LL HOLD YOUR HAND (FSG), a gentle and sometimes wryly funny look at the bond between parent and child. 

A FLOOD OF KINDNESS by Ellen Leventhal (WorthyKids) is a look at a child's displacement and loss through a flood, but its message of kindness as a solution to grief resonates in many situations. 

THE YEAR OF THE BUTTERED CAT, a "mostly true story" for middle grade readers is by Susan Haas with Lexi Haas (Penelope Editions), about a girl with severe cerebral palsy facing a surgery which may help her to speak - or may cost her her sense of self. It came out in April 2021.

Joy Keller has two books in 2021 featuring a plucky girl scientist, her dog assistant and her slime friends in FRANKENSLIME and VALENSLIME (Feiwel & Friends). 

Angela Dalton's RUBY'S REUNION DAY DINNER (HarperCollins) is a touching story of finding a role in the family circle. It's full of luscious imagery on food preparation for a family feast. 

Melissa Martin's THOSE ARE NOT MY UNDERPANTS! (Random House) features what may be the funniest word in the English language (don't know? It's "underpants," silly) as a little bear searches the woods for the owner of a pair of underpants he found hanging from a branch. 

PANDO: A LIVING WONDER OF TREES by Kate Allen Fox will come out in Fall 2021 (Capstone). This nonfiction picture book lyrically evokes the wonder - and the potential fate - of the largest living being on the planet: a grove of aspens. 

2021 titles conclude with a board book edition of John Elkins' A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR SANTA (Zondervan), which features marvelous rhyme in a sweet story about remembering Santa with a present on Christmas, too. 

And for 2022 and beyond? Check back for additions to this article to find what's coming! 


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